Updated 6th January 2020 - 

EVENT CANCELLED - Due to bushfires on the south coast, the BACKSLIDERS show for this Saturday 11th January has been cancelled. All ticket holders will be contacted for a refund in the coming days. New date TBA.


Summer regulars at Milton theatre Dom Turner, Rob Hirst, and Joe Glover return to Milton theatre Saturday January 11, 2020

ARIA Blues and Roots nominees and i-Tunes Australian Blues and Roots album of the year winners, Backsliders have been playing, touring the festival circuit and recording for over 30 years. Slide Guitarist, multi-stringed instrumentalist, songwriter and vocalist, Dom Turner, is the founding member of the group. Drum /percussion virtuoso and songwriter Rob Hirst is an acclaimed name synonymous with the best of Australian music. Joining Dom and Rob on harmonica is young prodigy, Joe Glover.

The music? Over a century ago, north of the steamy Mississippi delta, up in the hill country surrounding it, a certain strain of the blues manifested, feeding off the hardship of the people who lived there, their lives and stories set to a sound now regarded as part of the blueprint for modern music. It’s from this almost primeval sound that Australian blues stalwarts Backsliders take their sonic cues. That driving, repetitious groove, its minimal chord changes giving it a distinct feeling and focus, something Backsliders have proven adept at mastering, all while adding their own, unique Australian way to it.