We are excited to be launching this fabulous new website to showcase not only the theatre itself, but the amazing talent we are able to bring to you. If you haven’t experienced a live performance at Milton Theatre, you haven’t lived! We showcase a huge range of bands, musicians, songwriters and artists in a small, comfortable theatre where you are are up close and personal. Tickets can be purchased online, just head to our Upcoming Shows link to see what we have in store for you over the coming months.

Milton is a cultural hot-spot for music, fashion, surfing, food and relaxation. Milton Theatre offers a unique experience to enjoy live music in a small town, away from city queues and traffic. With a number of local bars, high-end restaurants, pubs and clubs, visitors are spoilt for choice when they stay. Local beaches need no explanation, and the proximity to Sydney and Canberra (2.5 hours) means you can book tickets and escape for a weekend so easily! 

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