Oud virtuoso and composer Joseph Tawadros AM, returns after his breakthrough season in June when his Concerto for Oud & Orchestra with Sydney Symphony Orchestra filled Sydney Opera House for 3 nights and gained rave reviews. The 2019 Australian spring tour includes five regional venues in NSW and VIC as well as Melbourne and Sydney.

“The multi-award winning Tawadros has made a career of blurring the boundaries between middle-eastern classical music, contemporary jazz and Western classical music, and is known for his easy-going stage presence and quick-witted banter – all of which he brought to the Opera House in spades in this concert with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra”. Limelight Magazine June 2018

Joseph Tawadros is one of Australian music’s most impressive and charismatic figures: a composer, improviser, storyteller as well as a brilliant exponent of the oud, the Egyptian lute. Tawadros’s virtuoso technique and adventurous curiosity blends world music, jazz and classical seamlessly and shows his skills in contemporary genres as well as traditional Arabic inspired pieces. Joseph creates music that transcends labels and crosses borders.


"For this album I wanted to explore silences. It's about restraint, surrounding myself with artists that know more about space than I do, exploring where could go in that context."

Melancholic, spacious and dreamy, Joseph teams the oud with violin and 6-string violin (Veronique Serret), piano (Luke Howard), electric guitar (Damian de Boos-Smith), trombone (James Greening) and Egyptian percussion (James Tawadros) - in a move away from his usual high energy performances,

Betrayal of Sacred Sunflower is a reflective, meditative and emotional journey in music. Much of the album is minimalist and spacious in approach with long lingering notes, giving the listener space to dream and to evoke images and impressions from their own imagination. The interplay between the instruments has a sensitivity that allows the oud's signature phrases to shine through.

“Certainly Tawadros is not averse to showmanship ... but that tendency was completely overridden by his profound instinct for making music that is a mirror of truth; a bridge between his heart and mind and those of his listeners.” Sydney Morning Herald 2017

“This Egyptian oudist is a master of his field... the encore itself raised the energy levels with its new heights of virtuosity, lightning finger work and rhythmic strumming... A perfect conclusion to a performance that was all about challenging perceptions – of culture, identity and, of course, the oud itself." BachTrack UK review - BBC Proms 2018

“One of the most impressive musicians to emerge in Australia ... with a dazzling technique dispensing hair-raising tempos... His writing displays a real depth of emotion ...reveling in a zest for life and celebration.” – The Australian

“Egyptian-born oud player Joseph Tawadros is blessed with one of the most inquisitive musical minds around, evident by just a casual glance at his past collaborations. These have ranged from the Australian Chamber Orchestra to Zakir Hussain, from Neil Finn and Katie Noonan to Jack DeJohnette and Bela Fleck.” Sydney Morning Herald